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Developing Intimacy with God session 2

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Spiritual Formation
Spiritual Transformation
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Mediation Homework:

1. Prodigal Son in Text book’s Introduction “Resistance to Fixing our Eyes on Jesus”
a. Please follow the guidance on pages 4-6
b. Ps Shiu pointed out the important point from the textbook page 1 of Intro “Self-Focus to Christ-Focus”

2. What and how to do the homework, please listen to QTOS’s recording:

將故事form成一齣戲,然後慢慢看,用心去感受,用心去感覺,不是在分析。 看到什麼呢,感覺什麼呢?

Note: Sorry that the quality of this recording is not good!

3. There is an option to help you visualize the parable if you prefer:

English Version:
Chinese Version 浪子的故事:

Quiet Time on Sunday

靜聽主言 (10.14. 2012)