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“Becoming What God Intended” – Dr. Eckman’s introduction

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You can get Dr. Eckman’s introduction to this reading by going to Youtube.  Type in BWGI 1-1, and you’ll find it.  There is Mandarin interpretation (有即時普通話翻譯).  This would high-light the main point of this reading.

The title given in the Youtube mini lecture on this Reading is: The Center Figure of Christian Faith.  In other words, truly knowing God the Father is most important.  Of course, to Dr. Eckman, this knowing is never just intellectual or conceptual knowing.  Rather, it is like knowing one of your family member.  It is personal knowing with much emotional connection.
Please remember what Dr. Eckman on page 1, Things to be Remembered.  You need to read this Reading slowly, and read it many times.  Ponder on it.  Imaginatively enter into the reality of it says.

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