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BWGI 1-3 Introductions

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(From Ps. Shiu)

For this coming Sunday’s study, please go to Youtube, type in BWGI 1-3, and listen to the short introduction:

For Chapter 1 Reading 3, the topic is: The Challenge to the Family.  The theme of this reading can be subtitled as: Not Rules, but Love (不再是舊的宗教觀念).

This world highlights morality, i.e. Rules.  To many the OT is also based on Rules.  Some even believe the way to become a good Christian is to obey God’s rules.

But Dr. Eckman says: the way of God’s family is NOT rules, but relationship.  Don’t try to build a godly character by following rules, but by building an open and transparent relationship with the Father.   Rule-keeping can never build a relationship with God.

Christ has given us free access to the Father.  Stay in this freedom and pursue a relationship with the Father.  Godly character is the by-product of such relationship.  Don’t live under the slavery of rules anymore.


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