Grow, Lovingly

Starting here, and now. Our journeys of spiritual transformation.


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I came across reading this excerpt from Thomas Merton, which reminds me of what pastor shared this morning.

“In the spiritual life there are no tricks and no short cuts… One cannot begin to face the real difficulties of the life of prayer and meditation unless one is first perfectly content to be a beginner and really experience oneself as one who knows little or nothing, and has a desperate need to learn the bare rudiments. Those who think they “know” from the beginning never, in fact, come to know anything…

We do not want to be beginners. But let us be convinced of the fact that we will never be anything else but beginners, all our life.”

We are all in equal footing – in this journey of life, and with our spiritual walk together. May we continue to grow and support each other lovingly.

「這樣,那些在後的,將要在前;那些在前的,將要在後。」- 馬太福音 20:16


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