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BWGI 3-1&2: 永生描述一種品質的生命 & 與父神的關係是禱告的最大因素

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(From Ps. Shiu)

Dear All,

This Sunday we’ll cover TWO readings, Readings 1 & 2 of Chapter 3.

Before reading the lessons, please first go to Youtube: BWGI 3-1, and BWGI 3-2.

Chapter 3 starts a NEW topic.  It talks about what is the importance and the UNIQUE role of God the Father to us.

Spend time to listen to Youtube.  Don’t just listen it once, but listen it a few times until you remember what Dr. Eckman says.  You might want to make some notes.  Then go to the book and read through the TWO readings.

This Sunday we’ll still meet in our place.  See you all.

Ps. Shiu


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