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Message from Ps.Shiu (思考問題 for BWGI Ch.5, Reading 3)

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Message from Ps. Shiu:

This week I’ve been very busy so I am unable to send out any  Study Question for you.  But this week we should be studying BWGI 5-3. Reading 3-5 of Chapter 5 are really crucial in understanding what a mature Christian life is.  Dr. Eckman is very skillful in describing the inner working (i.e. the psychology) of a mature Christian.  From such study you will have a better picture of what the spiritual journey is all about.  Basically it is about the change of our heart – our thinking pattern, our moods and emotion, our unconscious motivation, etc.  But how our heart will be changed?  It is all about building a warm and emotional connection with our Heavenly Father through the working of the Holy Spirit.   QTOS is a means for us to practice opening our hearts to our Heavenly Father and to the working of the Holy Spirit. I hope you already start to read these Readings.  I’ll send the Study Questions to you early next week.


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