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思考問題 for BWGI Ch.6, Reading 1, 2, 3

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Message from Ps. Shiu:

This coming Sunday I do not want to start a new Reading.  I want to spend another week for you to review the material in Reading 1-3 of Chapter 6.  It is about the important role of TRUST  in the Christian faith.  I know this is a very fundamental teaching, yet it is the most central teaching.  Only a clear understanding of trust will lead us into the GRACIOUS NEW WORLD which God’s salvation open up for us.

Faith is not a concept.  It is not just an important doctrine.  Rather FAITH IS AN ACTION OF OUR HEART.  We all already have at least a little bit.  It is this faith that gave us the new life in Christ.

But only greater faith can lead us into spiritual growth.  So the clearer we understand what faith is, the better we are able to grow in faith.


Reading 1 Reflection Questions are here.
Reading 2 and 3 Reflection Questions are here.


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