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Developing Intimacy with God session 3

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Practice at home: (Please read suggestions from Ps. Shiu below)

Dear QTOS classmates,

I like to summarize the guided meditation exercise we did last Sunday 12/17, and encourage you to repeat this exercise a few times before 1/7/2018.

The Goal of this exercise is to stretch your image of God and let this new image deeply embedded in your heart so that whenever you think of God, you also aware this particular characteristic of God too.

This exercise is based on John 13: 1-8. You ought to remember that God the Father sent His Son to show us more clearly who He is. The Old Testament only revealed a certain part of Him, such as His power as creator (Almighty), His holiness (sinful man should keep a distant from Him) etc. We are very much aware of these characteristics of God.

But through Jesus, God the Father reveals a very unfamiliar character of Himself. Unfortunately men usually have difficulty accepting such character of God as real. Here Jesus recasts God’s image as one who serves mankind. God is so great that He doesn’t mind, due to the fact He loves mankind so much, to humble Himself to be man’s servant, doing the humble work of cleansing man and bringing man back to Him as His children. Listen to the recording as I guided the class to meditate on this passage. Later on, you can do your own meditation without following my guidance. Use your imagination to enter into the scene of this passage. Make sure you are not analyzing or intellectually teaching yourself, rather, like watching a movie, let your whole person immersed into the scene and feel whatever emotion you experience.

Please also slowly read Introduction of the book again. See if after 3 classes you now have a deeper understanding of the content of the Introduction.

Ps. Shiu

Note: No more classes in 2017, next class will be 1/7/2018.


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