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Developing Initimacy with God Session 21 (by Loletta)

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2018-04-22 Developing Intimacy with God session 15 (Sharing by Crystal)

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使徒行傳 16:19-34

19 她的主人們看見發財的希望完了,就揪住保羅和西拉,拉到市中心去見官長,
20 又帶到裁判官面前,說:“這些人是猶太人,擾亂我們的城市,
21 傳我們羅馬人不准接受、不准實行的規例。”
22 群眾一齊起來攻擊他們,裁判官就剝去他們的衣服,下令用棍子打他們。
23 打了很多棍,就把他們放在監牢裡,吩咐獄吏嚴密看守。
24 獄吏領了命令,就把他們押入內監,兩腳拴了木狗。

25 約在半夜,保羅和西拉祈禱歌頌  神,囚犯們都側耳聽著。
26 忽然發生了大地震,以致監牢的地基都搖動起來,所有的監門立刻開了,囚犯的鎖鍊都鬆了。
27 獄吏醒過來,看見監門全開,以為囚犯都已經逃脫了,就拔出刀來想要自刎。
28 保羅大聲呼叫說:“不要傷害自己,我們都在這裡!”
29 獄吏叫人拿了燈來,就衝進去,戰戰兢兢地俯伏在保羅和西拉面前,
30 隨後領他們出來,說:“先生,我應該作甚麼才可以得救?”
31 他們說:“當信主耶穌,你和你一家人都必定得救。”
32 他們就把主的道,講給他和所有在他家裡的人聽。
33 就在當夜的那個時候,獄吏領他們去洗傷,獄吏和他家人都受了洗,
34 就帶他們到家裡,擺上飯食,他和全家因信了  神就大大喜樂。

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Developing Intimacy with God session 14

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Love (III) by George Herbert

Love bade me welcome. Yet my soul drew back

Guilty of dust and sin.

But quick-eyed Love, observing me grow slack

From my first entrance in,

Drew nearer to me, sweetly questioning,

If I lacked any thing.

A guest, I answered, worthy to be here:

Love said, You shall be he.

I the unkind, ungrateful? Ah my dear,

I cannot look on thee.

Love took my hand, and smiling did reply,

Who made the eyes but I?

Truth Lord, but I have marred them: let my shame

Go where it doth deserve.

And know you not, says Love, who bore the blame?

My dear, then I will serve.

You must sit down, says Love, and taste my meat:

So I did sit and eat.


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Joshua Fellowship Talk (Guest: Ps. Shiu): 甚麼是福音?


On Friday 13th Ps. Shiu gave a talk on the (what seemingly simple) message of “So.. what is the good message really mean?”. It was an interactive style talk but well worth listening to.

Also this talk is very closely related to the other sermons from SCAC which has been going on for a few weeks. If you are interested please see the link from the SCAC website @

Sermon section:
In particular: 見證的人生 and 寶貝在瓦器裏 – 使命原是生命

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I came across reading this excerpt from Thomas Merton, which reminds me of what pastor shared this morning.

“In the spiritual life there are no tricks and no short cuts… One cannot begin to face the real difficulties of the life of prayer and meditation unless one is first perfectly content to be a beginner and really experience oneself as one who knows little or nothing, and has a desperate need to learn the bare rudiments. Those who think they “know” from the beginning never, in fact, come to know anything…

We do not want to be beginners. But let us be convinced of the fact that we will never be anything else but beginners, all our life.”

We are all in equal footing – in this journey of life, and with our spiritual walk together. May we continue to grow and support each other lovingly.

「這樣,那些在後的,將要在前;那些在前的,將要在後。」- 馬太福音 20:16