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Joshua Fellowship Talk (Guest: Ps. Shiu): 甚麼是福音?


On Friday 13th Ps. Shiu gave a talk on the (what seemingly simple) message of “So.. what is the good message really mean?”. It was an interactive style talk but well worth listening to.

Also this talk is very closely related to the other sermons from SCAC which has been going on for a few weeks. If you are interested please see the link from the SCAC website @

Sermon section:
In particular: 見證的人生 and 寶貝在瓦器裏 – 使命原是生命

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Retreat Recording: 2015-01-24 – Knowing Yourself, Knowing God

Here is the recording for one day retreat on January 24th, 2015. The theme of the retreat is Knowing Yourself, Knowing God.

You can download the handout for the retreat here: link
Session 1 and 2:
Session 3: